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I haven't talked too much about our master bedroom. In fact, I don't think I ever showed you any pictures of it, except when I talked about my jewelry storage. There are reasons you haven't heard much. There isn't much to this space.

A small room with just a bed and a dresser. That's it, my friends. Why is the master bedroom one of the last rooms a lot of people decorate? I had no intentions to even add a nightstand until I got my new rug.

I went to my first blog conference in July and there I met a ton of wonderful people and vendors. Many of which put on contests and hosted drawings. I entered into a contest for Shaw Floors that had us make a short video showing why our home is like Grand Central Station. Although I did not win, I got an awesome consolation prize!

'Update: If you cannot view or see the video pop up, check here to watch.'

I knew immediately what room I wanted the rug to go in. The master bedroom needed a special touch. When the rug finally arrived, it was like Christmas morning. I was like a kid in a candy store or even better when I get a box of fruit-roll-ups all to myself! Pretty darn awesome!
It adds so much to our room even though it is bare bones and basically empty. There where 8 beautiful rugs in 8 different colors to choose from. I went with the Chedworth Greek in gray.

It has a simply stated pattern that will compliment almost any decor. I now want to get a new bed, pinch pleat my curtains, paint the walls, add nightstands and lamps. Basically I want all the things!

For now, I am happy with the warmth under foot and the beauty of our new addition. Thanks Shaw Floors!

Tell me what you think and if you could get any of these rugs, which would you have chosen?
See ya soon! 

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  1. I'm so drawn to the animal print ones but I'd actually probably go for the Kensington Check. Love it! The rug you chose is awesome too, love the pattern!


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