Knight Pajama Party

Hello Sunshine! Last Friday we celebrated our littlest birthday with a pajama jam. He invited five of his best buds over to have a night filled with fun for his 7th birthday. He truly wanted a sleepover but I just wasn't ready for that endeavor plus most of his friends have never spent the night away from their families, so a pajama party it was.

We served breakfast for dinner, setup the tent in the living room decked out in twinkle lights, watched a movie in sleeping bags, had a sword fight or two, a donut tower instead of a cake, and lots and lots of laughs.
It was a balloon poppin' night to remember!
See ya soon!

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  1. What a fun party idea! I bet the tent in the living room was a BIG hit! Drooling over that pile of Belgian waffles...yum!

  2. What an awesome party Darnetha! I'm sure your little one was solo happy! Love the donut cake!

  3. How sweet, I love his birthday and I sure everyone had an absolute blast!! The donut tower cake is the best!

  4. Love the decoration and it looked like they had a ball!!


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