2016 Home Goals

Hello Sunshine! I've been in planning and list making mode these past few weeks. Many of you have probably already set your goals for this year. Is it too late to share my 2016 goals? I sure hope not! It usually takes me, at least, a couple of weeks to narrow down my goals for the new year. I like to pencil in ideas and plans cause life happens and sometimes our priorities shift so here's me grabbing my pencil and scribbling down a few ideas.

I have several personal goals I want to accomplish like getting in better shape, eating clean, and paying down debt. Based on my goals I've chosen my one word FOCUS. This year I want to focus on my health, finances, photography, blog, and home. Today I will share a few of my home goals and plans. 



Our laundry room has been a work in progress for over a year now. I added wall cabinets along with a new fresh coat of paint and curtains but there is still a lot of work to be done. I plan on adding hardware to the wall cabinets, install new flooring, hang a shelf over the washer/dryer, and add some wall art. I would love to install base cabinets with a wood counter top, maybe next year.


Last November I started refreshing our living room with a few inexpensive changes. We moved things around, added new art, built a leaning blanket ladder, and added new lamps and pillows. I wanted to share our refresh with you back in January but I am still pondering curtain options and wall art. I have a few more changes planned and hope to share details soon. 


I read The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up last fall and wanted to immediately tackle the shared room of my boys. They need a toy solution badly and I have a build project up my sleeves for that. I also want to maximize their closet to house all their clothes and a good clean is in order. New window treatments and rug tiles are among the list of quick changes I have planned for their space.

Focusing on our finances this year has altered all my plans for the year. It's more important for us to be debt free so I am happy to put plans on hold. I still have a lot planned and can't wait to share my ideas and reveals with you this year.

Do you have any home design plans that you can't wait to start or finish this year?

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  1. Hey Darnetha, your plans sound awesome! I LOVE that Bedroom image! So fresh and simple!

  2. Love the word Focus, oftentimes we get caught up in the day to day and forget what our goals are and staying focused is key :) Looking forward to seeing your living room refresh, but don't wait until its perfect....I love seeing in progress photos too:)

  3. Great goals! I am also working to FOCUS on a majority on the things that you mentioned. I can't wait to see you progress!

  4. Love the images you shared. I've had that laundry room pinned too. Good luck with your goals for the year. My family and I have discussed our goals for the year as well. I think it's a good thing to set them and look back and see how far you've progressed.


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